Why and how to send form W-9 to a U.S. tax resident

There are several ways to send a completed form to a US resident. The main ones are two methods:

  • Filling in the RSI website and sending a link to this document of the company with which the person works;
  • Registration of the electronic version, with full electronically completion of all fields, and sending by e-mail to a business companion;
  • Record all parameters on a paper version of the form and send it by standard mail, in cases where it is not possible to use the Internet.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Comparison of shipping options

The best option is to send the electronic version, since in the first place, corrections are possible in it, and nothing can be fixed in the paper version, in the second it is quick, and in the third it is much more reliable than using the paper version of the form. However, each participant has the right to choose how to send a W 9 online – through the tax service website, or through mail.

Delivery dates

Since the overwhelming majority of reports on salaries and tax payments are sent by companies and organizations to the tax authorities at the end of the year, it is advisable to submit this document in November of this year. The deadline is the month of December of the year for which the company must file an application for tax residents working with them. That is, if the report needs to be submitted for 2020, then the form should be sent in the November – December month of this year.

Punishment for late delivery

Being late with the submission of this sheet threatens with great troubles both to the person who was supposed to fill it out, and to the organization in which he works. The tax authorities are likely to freeze all financial transactions of a resident, as well as punish the organization in the form of a fine, and freezing all financial accounts. Therefore, you need to know well when to submit this form, and not be late in time to avoid unnecessary troubles that can cause very serious troubles.