Who submit W-9 and what report is needed to add

A W-9 form is an Internal Revenue Service tax form which is written by taxpayer about ability to pay taxes. Freelancers and individual contractors must submit that report and Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Who submit IRS 2019 W9?

A few group of taxpayers. Common candidates 2019 fillable w9 are next.

  1. Freelancers. Сopywriter, web designers and other workers with usually short-term projects. That specialists give the form to their customers in order to confirm ability for paying by obligations.
  2. Professional consultants. Freelancers solve current and short-term problems. Consultants work with big and long-term questions. If you are advisory one, you draw a big picture. Consultants are specialists, which solve questions in finance, marketing, IT etc.
  3. Trade workers. Builders, mechanics, electrician and other… They use W-9 form in order to give information about their taxes.
  4. LLCs and some corporations. A lot of corporate contractors don’t use 1099 form received from other organizations and have not to submit W-9. But some workers, particularly of limited liability company, do it as an individual entity.

There are only common candidates for online w9 submission. Fortunately, filling one is very easy.

Find out W-9s

W-9 requires to fill simple information. You must write business name and choose the type of entity. Be careful and use right TIN on part two. There you should confirm 3 statements by your signature. After filling other parts you send W-9 to somebody who gave the request.

W-9 or something else

Your employer can admit you as an independent contractor. Companies search different way for not paying taxes in legal way. If you are an employee, you submit W-4 instead of W-9.

But if you are an independent contractor or freelancer, you fill this blank, and also Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Companies use information about their suppliers and submit 1099-MISC. But only when independent contractor or freelancer earns 600$ or more per year.