The most common mistakes while filling out W-9 form

Staff members do not fill out this form, it is only used by freelancers to obtain their TIN. W-9 fillable form also includes other personal information (name and address). Since payments to independent workers must be registered with the IRS, they must complete this form to receive another doc 1099-MISC.

While W-9 form 2019 provides information for a business or an employer on which an independent contractor works. 1099-MISC is issued to the contractor only at the end of the year, where the income of freelancer reported to IRS.

Common mistakes in W-9

Mistakes in important documents and forms are unacceptable, as they can be expensive and difficult to process. Sometimes even a little mistake can cost a lot of money. Although W-9 is relatively simple, some still make some mistakes while filling it out:

  • incorrect input of personal name or administrator name is one of the simplest mistakes made by those who are filling in this copy.
  • some people make mistakes in EIN or in SSN.
  • indicate the wrong mailing address. In this case, the applicant will not receive a form 1099-MISC at the end of the year.

At first glance, such errors are unrealistic, but experience has shown that many actually make such mistakes. It is also reasonable to keep all forms in one place. This will help to quickly find any of them when it is needed. Filler has to check all the information provided in the form. This ensures that the IRS receives the correct information. If there are any questions about some points, each can always get free help form our experienced consultants.

Where to download W-9 copy

Usually those who require its filling provide this copy. If not, it can always be found and downloaded from the IRS website or using our source. Although there are many other sites that provide a copy of this form, it is better to download it from the above listed sources to get the latest and correct version of PDF W-9.

How to fill out the blank

Filling out PDF forms with proper instructions is quite easy. Here are only five simple steps for this:

  • Download and run it
  • Open this copy in PDF Expert
  • Click on any field and start entering information required
  • Save the completed doc to the cloud storage to be able getting it from any place in the when it’s time to do it.
  • Print it, add the date and send it to the requester.