How to win when you count on W-7 for filling out the W-9 Form

ITIN charged to handle tax returns and issued by the IRS. If SSN way is closed – ITIN transfers into a supportive ally, irrespectively towards dual-status alien status. There’s a big differentiation on document choice if you need to have ITIN.

W-9 and W-7 employment – to beat the spread?

Locals and settlors allowed to get SSN, unlike US non-citizens. What is W-7 form? It used only by non-citizens who are obliged to deal with civic levy return. It can be applicable by mail, asking IRS certified .

It’s time to make it right: mastering paperwork management

Persona is asked to return a complete printable copy with the following data:

  • The reason for getting ITIN (make sure that only c, d and e points checked)
  • Basic info such as name and mailing / foreign address
  • Previously used tax ID (a foreign one)
  • Type of visa, and basic info on it like expiry date
  • Status of previously received IRSN or EIN

I am who I am

Throughout the application process, alongside with levy return, the individual has to attach addresser identity prove materials. Either one of: passport, gained at a US or abroad driving license, an identity card with full info or military ID, Visa, USCIS photo ID and some options for underagers – records done at school or hospital. Federal law has a record that a passport can enunciate both foreign status & identity.

An authenticated copy is a great choice as well. This means that the copy was confirmed by the authority issued in the nation where the paper was issued. Some nations have it as the Ministry of Justice. This way, notarially certified copies and even apostilled are not accepted!

ITIN Expires?

As soon as it comes to an end, you get a notification from the IRS.  In December 2015, Congress passed a new law on the protection of Americans from tax hikes, on the basis of which on 08.04, 2016 the IRS published the doc that establishes new rules for the issuance and renewal procedures.

If your 9-figures were not counted on the federal levy return for 3 consecutive years, then it terminates in December of the third year of non-use (applicable to dependents as well).


The number which was not used in levy returns for 3 consecutive twelvemonth rounds and has lost validity, may be renewed from 10.01.16. For the purpose, submit W-7 and all the necessary papers. This way, there is no need to file a levy return, but in a W7, check the renewal box.

If one of the ratepayer’s family relatives has average figures in their ITINs 78 and 79 and received a letter of 5821, the IRS will accept standalone renewal application.

If ITIN mentioned above with average figures of 78 and 79 have been used for the last 3 years, then they are valid and do not require any additional action.