How to submit a W-9 Form for small business

Business owners in America also have to pay their taxes and report on all wages to employees for the whole year. In turn, your customer requested to fill out the W 9 form yourself, just like you. A form is submitted to the IRS. It shows all the movements of funds in your company. Business requesting W-9 to identify you and independent contractors.

If a guide offers you to write a form, is that legal?

To the question can they require a W-9. Yes, it is legal, if you are an employee, you must report on your income. In the event of a refusal, a 28% tax is deducted and you will be fined for refusing to file.

The document is available to everyone and free to download
Your employer may issue a file to you if you are an independent contractor. It is easy to download here yourself and fill it out by following the instructions on the site. After that, the original form is sent to the IRS Tax Office by e-mail, a visit to the organization or by mail (the estimated delivery time is about 1-2 weeks).

Writing features

Some create features that are different for writing:

  • Individuals Prescribe SSN, TIN Business Owners
  • Independent contractors indicate the company that hired him, and legal ones write the address of their company
  • Freelancers fill out the document on their own, while the owners of enterprises deal with this accountant

All this applies to income of more than $ 600. Be careful, blank should be composed correctly and without errors.