How to fill out W9 with tenants and landlords

What is W 9 form purpose for landlord? Every year, business owners are required to submit a report on their objects and the amount of income from them. Moreover, both parties make up a form with their data, and send it by letter or electronically to the IRS. What are the nuances, consider.

Tax return and W9

The form is only needed to re-confirm your personal data and the possibility of displaying income. Do landlords needs to file out W 9? Yes, if you own a rental property in the United States. Together with the downloaded and filled in correctly form, the owner of the real estate or other business must submit a declaration of income. This applies to residents and citizens of the United States, non-residents fill out W8.
If you are renting housing or commercial space, the owner of the premises may also ask you to fill out a document.

What is the need for W 9 form for tenant security deposit, because he is not your employer. The law establishes a rule for the lessor to open a separate guarantee deposit account to which payment was received. This applies to premises that are rented to more than 6 people. Also, from the amount accumulated during the year will be deducted 1% – this is an administrative fixed fee.

Who is required to file a document and what are the differences between the landlord and tenant

Do you have to give a document to the US Tax Administration? At your discretion. The tenant is entitled to provide his data to the landlord, and he will send the form. Or fill in the information yourself, as well as important points:

  • Individuals indicate the social security number, and legal entities fill in the employer identification number EIN. This is an important difference.
  • For non-residents of America in the absence of a social security number or refusal to receive it, write an application for issuing an ITIN. Usually send the code within 6 weeks
  • If the company has no co-owners LLC, then they also write SSN
  • In the remaining paragraphs there are no differences, do not forget to check all the points and verify the contract number.