How to fill out a W-9 for a partnership?

As any other independent contractors do, partnerships have to give clients W-9 forms when they get the appropriate request. It’s not always easy to complete the document correctly, cause there are nuances that arouse reasonable questions. Sometimes it’s even hard to understand the meaning of blank instructions. This article is aimed to make it all clear, so that you know which box to check, what kind of TIN to use etc.

A short instruction for partnerships

Here are the answers for the most common questions on the form.

Question Answer
How to fill line 1 and line 2? For line 1 use only one name, as shown in your tax return. Leave line 2 blank if your business name is the same. In case you have a special trade name, then use both names, each one in the appropriate line.
Do I check “Partnership” for federal tax on a W-9? It depends on entity type.  For example, if you fill out W-9 for LLC partnership, then you should choose LLC and check P-box instead (not S-corp or C-corp).
Is partnership an exempt payee? Usually, it’s not exempt from backup withholding
What kind of TIN to use? Enter company’s Employer Identification Number

When all the lines are filled out, sign the document and send it back to the requester.

Special instructions from IRS

If the company has foreign partners with a share of effectively connected taxable income, it has to pay a withholding tax under the section 1446. Moreover, under certain circumstances, a partner might be considered as a foreign person without the form being received. So, send a W-9 to limited partnership, in case you’re a partner and US citizen to prove your US status. Without filling W-9 with domestic partnership the company will be obliged to withhold the tax mentioned above.

Where to get the blank?

You can always find it on our website. We’ll also help you complete the document correctly and send it in the most secure way. The blank is available on IRS official website too. At last, the requester may provide you with document.