Does it matter when your W-9 is dated?

W-9 forms are commonly utilized by companies and businesses to gather taxpayer information of services they get from self-employed workers. As an independent contractor, you might have filled out a ton of them throughout years, so some of them will surely have different dates on them. For example, you provided various services over 2018-2019 years, and your blanks happened to be dated differently. Let’s find out whether you have to keep renewing documents or one-of-a-kind would suffice.

What’s the purpose of a W 9 form

W 9 blank are mostly used to confirm three main things: taxpayer’s residence, expemtion from backup withholding and a taxpayer’s identification number. So technically W-9s serve to provide TIN information, and since identification data is not supposed to get changed all the time, you might never need to supply a form again. Once these aspects are covered by the blank, that’s enough for a business to manage further tax records. Remember that blanks are a formal means to request important tax information, and they are not actually sent to the IRS.

When do I need to renew my form?

Even though blanks cannot possibly expire, the IRS always require contractors to replace them as soon as some specific details such as a TIN are altered. Some organizations may also request you to update the papers to maintain more accurate records of their service providers. So, does it matter when W-9 is dated? Not really. But when important tax data are changed, you should make sure these changes are transferred to your form just to keep employers informed.