Changes in 2020, Deadline and Initial Purpose

When businesses need to acquire details from hired vendors and independent contractors who often called freelances, Certification as well as Taxpayer Identification Number is needed to be obtained very much. W9 forms have to be provided to get such information. The obvious questions arise why it has to be sent and when it has to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Services? What W 9 form 2020 instructions have to be taken into account as well as whether it is different from 2019?

What the paper includes

In fact, the purpose and submission time strongly correlate with each other. When a business pays a contractor at least USD 600.00 or more in a tax year, such payments have to be reported to Internal Revenue Service. When it comes to federal tax classification, it is meant to be used for a contracted party. The actual return paper is called 1099-MISC. Every piece of information includes address, name, tax identification number, social security number, etc. are all subject for private information. For that reason, contractors must provide information to the business by filling in W-9.

Are there are any changes in the foreseeable future?

There are no W 9 changes for 2020 have been imposed yet. However, federal law changes are made with regards to the minimum amount of money payable to a contractor or changes to the information, which will have to be returned, then changes to W 9 form December 2020 might take place.

The benefits

The alien form also provides a substantial benefit to the payee because this individual or an incorporated body may avoid backup withholding. The use of this que form may be referred to following:

  • Financial institutions and its customers arrangements
  • Employer and employee arrangements.
  • Businesses vs. freelancer relations
  • Businesses vs. independent contractors relations

Detail of the deadline

Specific date when the document has to be submitted in order to get the other party details is not mentioned by the law. The majority of professional accountants claim that the best practice, which can be implemented is that W-9 paper have to be completed by the payee before any payment can be issued.


The other flip of the coin does exist. Although there is no specific deadline for submission of the paper it is better to download and fill it in in advance before any payments are made. It is all due to the fact that USD 50.00 could be imposed if W-9 is not filled out. So it have to be filled in and sent to IRS. If it is not done at all and return of the document will have to be used in the future, then USD 50.00 may simply be deducted hence there should be no hesitation to download form free of charge.