How to create IRS W-9 form?

Popular W9 form used by businesses as the third party report delivering about contract agreement between vendors and freelancers. This paper is not sent to the IRS but it is used when filling out other documents such as 1099 form.

Using 1099 — individual need verificated taxpayer identification number, that being identified via W9.

Purpose of W9 form, instructions and help for beginners

Main purpose — confirmation that freelancer being payed, taxes verification together with backup withholding troubleshooting.

Not all of the freelancers need it — only those who receive more than 600 usd annually. Freelancers should be provided with document or print W9 form themselves plus there’s a digital version option.

It can also be used:

  1. If freelancer considers liberated from backup withholding (as it usually is) — business has to get 28% payment withhold and provide IRS with.
  2. Some financial institutions need freelancer’s data in case of reporting other income types or interest.

Fill out

Individual needs input correct data — otherwise, there’s a chance of signing wrong information documentation there’s a chance of going against the law.

Information requested — name, ratepayer identification number, business type plus salary rate.

Before getting a blank W9 printable version — there’s an online review option.
Digital version has to be verified in correspondence with printable one, as well as IRS hard copy & electronic signature.


  • Filling out the document before requesting any payments from hired person is recommended. Otherwise, $50 penalty withdrawn at every turn.
  • Don’t hesitate to download. There are no accomplishment deadlines but companies often try to avoid 28% withholding so they hold payment until individual provides it.
  • Non-profit & government agencies should be especially attentive since their tax filing differs.

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